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Where do YOU think I should travel to next?

I am planning my next wildlife expedition, but there are just so many amazing places in the world to go. I use these wildlife expeditions to gather firsthand research of the wildlife endemic to that area and in their natural habitat. From this research, I create new paintings featuring that wildlife species. Let me know where [...]

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Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Manitoba 2016

NOVEMBER 2016 - My wife Rae-Anne and I, together with a small group led by our friend, Professional Photographer Roy Toft, had the good fortune to travel in early November to the Canadian far north, approximately one hour's flying time south of Churchill, Manitoba, to study Canada's infamous polar bears. Churchill Wild operates three remote lodges on [...]

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Denali National Park, Alaska 2014

SEPTEMBER 2014 - My wife Rae-Anne and I just returned from spending two weeks in Alaska and Denali National Park. Our primary goal was to experience the incredible mountain and tundra scenery. Upon arriving in Anchorage, we took the infamous Alaska Railroad train to Denali. Although it was a very long 8-hour ride, the journey [...]

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