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‘A Survivor’s Game’ polar bear painting chosen as OFAH 2018 Conservation Print!

DECEMBER 2017 - I am both thrilled and honoured to once again play a small part in helping to raise funds for the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH). My polar bear painting entitled A Survivor's [...]

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Where do YOU think I should travel to next?

I am planning my next wildlife expedition, but there are just so many amazing places in the world to go. I use these wildlife expeditions to gather firsthand research of the wildlife endemic to that area [...]

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‘Three on the Run’ wolf painting chosen as OFAH 2017 Conservation Print!

DECEMBER 2016 - Exciting news! I recently found out that my 2016 wolf painting entitled Three on the Run has been chosen as the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH) 2017 Conservation Print! I [...]

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Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Manitoba 2016

NOVEMBER 2016 - My wife Rae-Anne and I, together with a small group led by our friend, Professional Photographer Roy Toft, had the good fortune to travel in early November to the Canadian far north, approximately [...]

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Katmai Coast, Alaska 2016

AUGUST 2016 - My wife Rae-Anne and I just returned from a fantastic wildlife expedition to the Katmai Coast in Alaska. Our goal was to study and document Alaska's infamous Coastal Brown Bears as well [...]

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Pantanal, Brazil 2015

JULY 2015 - My wife Rae-Anne and I just returned from an amazing two-week expedition to the Pantanal in Brazil, the world's largest tropical wetland region and home to one of the largest and healthiest [...]

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Baby black bear coin for Royal Canadian Mint

APRIL 2015 - I am thrilled to finally announce that a baby black bear coin I designed last year for the Royal Canadian Mint is now in circulation and available to purchase! Last year, I [...]

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Denali National Park, Alaska 2014

SEPTEMBER 2014 - My wife Rae-Anne and I just returned from spending two weeks in Alaska and Denali National Park. Our primary goal was to experience the incredible mountain and tundra scenery. Upon arriving in [...]

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South Africa & Botswana 2013

JULY 2013 - Africa has been on my never-ending trip list for so many years, and earlier this month, my wife Rae-Anne and I had the tremendous pleasure of spending two weeks there to witness [...]